Critical Visualization and Media Lab

Housed at Tulane University School of Liberal Arts

We are a collective of students, faculty, and community members dedicated to spreading awareness about Social and Environmental injustices in the Gulf South region through the utilization of digital tools, spatial and data analytics, engaged community advocacy, and the building of sustained collaborative partnerships.

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Who We Are

Critical: Social Environmental issues are multifaceted and require dedicated observation and intentional problem solving.

Visualization: One of our central goals is to help bring attention to the communities we work with. We do this by turning data and testimony into visual artifacts.

Media: Digital Media have transformed the way humans interact with one another and we believe they can change the way we interact with the natural environments around us.

Lab: Research is central to our mission. We aim not only to challenge injustices, but also to understand them in meaningful ways.

What we do

Teaching is a Priority: Being housed within an institution of higher learning (Tulane University), we support instructional activities, knowledge production, and skill development, but do so in thoughtful, engaged, community driven frameworks.

Based in New Orleans, Working Across the Gulf South: The Gulf South is a complex region facing an intersection of social and environmental challenges. The CVML often focuses on New Orleans and the Mississippi River Industrial Corridor. This region – also known as Cancer Alley, and more recently, Death Alley – is an area known for high incidences of illness including cancers, respiratory diseases, and other ailments which researchers have directly attributed to the proximity of neighborhoods to nearby polluting industrial facilities. Additionally, we advocate and support other Louisiana and Gulf South communities experiencing and suffering from similar issues of social and environmental injustice